Ghost of Krs – One

Kyirim KRS ONE (victoria bc) 2011 by Asher Jones

It was not long after I dropt my first studio album ‘Foundation’ in 2011. I started hanging out with my good friends known as ‘Tha Archivest’ in Vancouver Canada. At the time I was such a hip hop culture enthusiast that nearly every week I was studying up on some form the Temple of Hip Hop and schooling myself on the true responsibilities as an EMCEE.

Since I was 12 I’ve been listening to Krs One. I always dreamed of one day meeting the legend himself. So you can imagine how excited I was when my buddy (Tha Archivest) gave me the call one morning saying “Yo! My interview with Krs One just got approved! Get your ass over to the crib! I need your help ghost writing this!”

Early the next morning after a long night of write with no sleep we hopped on ferry to Victoria got to the venue and guess who was doing sound check?! The One, The Only, The Teacha – KRS ONE!

We all chatted a little bit then quickly got to the interview started. The funny thing do add is we had narrowed down all are question to about 25 but only had time to ask about 7. He still managed to speak for nearly 2 HOURS!

He talked about how ‘Stop the Violence Movement’ originated from him and a Asian woman named ‘Ann Carli aka Tokyo Rose’, how “KRS” is the ancient spelling for Christ, how he was the first person in history to create a Hip Hop curriculum on the university level, how after his 10 year course of studying the Torah he realized Judaism is another Hip Hop tribe at a different time, how 1992 is when corporate America stopped investing in conscience hip hop, the true story about his first single ‘Southside Bronx’, the value of us as human beings, how he responds to love and how you don’t need a bodyguard when you have love and God! ..uuhh MIND BLOWN!!

But those aren’t even the most trippy things about this interview! Half way thru he tells us that this was the first time he’s ever been to Victoria to perform in his whole career & how he has never missed a show in his entire life but in 1998 he was contracted to come to west coast of Canada to perform but he had breach the contract because he had to undergo mouth surgery! So out of respect for missing those previous shows he decided do the whole tour for free.

I mean what are the chances that an icon I’ve looked up to for majority of my life comes thru exactly when I become friends with Tha Archivest who give the opportunity to not only meet him but ghost write an interview with! It’s moments like those make me think there has to be some sort of other power here at work.

Anyway a couple years later I was living in Tucson AZ & Krs had a show that I was trying to go to.I wanted to rap him a verse I had wrote about that particular night. Generally speaking when Krs performs he invites emcees up to rhyme with him. Unfortunately I ended up missing the whole show! But seriously – who has a show that finishes at 9pm?! C’mon

A couple weeks later I wrote 2 other verses and recorded it at Avenue One Studios. As a thank you for being one of subscribers I want to give you it for free – no strings attached.

Click Here Download my version of Krs One – MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know.

If you like the track you might also consider checking out ‘DK Kountry’. Its my latest album and its full of conscience, spiritual & fun Hip Hop thatn I think would make the Blast Master Krs One Proud 🙂

Talk soon