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GEORGE KAZAKOS (CEO of PIF RECORDS) –“I’ve been listening to this album [DK Kountry] over and over again. It’s absolutely brilliant on many levels . I am blown away by how it’s groovy and thematic with an awesome message… I’m just floored. ”

Christ Stair – 
“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kyirim on several occasions on everything from videography to graphic design. He’s truly one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met with a deeply ingrained drive to follow through with his commitment to his vision. Infinitely creative and motivated in his artistic visions. He has this ability to inspire and lift up everyone he works with and push everyone to new heights in their artistic endeavors.””

As Alice Kindinger and Dale Turkette – Booker and General Manager of Stork Club in Oakland CA stated “We normally don’t do hip hop shows here at Stork Club but Daejo x Kyirim transcended the restraints of that very small, pretty exclusive genre and gave a performance that encouraged the whole bar, despite their differences in musical preferences, to get up and remember that good music is good music ; we were very pleased to feel the positivity and spirit of inclusiveness reverberating throughout the bar”

His lyrics have captured the attention of critics around the world, his soulful delivery, warm hearted punchlines, collaborations, beats, and melodies make this album the perfect, positive backdrop for a life in the struggle that desires uplifting.

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